How to Describe “Personal Requests” in your RIREKISHO – Documents required for job hunting 09

2021-08-26 MANNER , WORK

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In the “RIREKISHO” required when looking for a job in Japan, there is a space for writing “Personal request”. There are certain things that you should write and other things that you should avoid writing in this column. On this occasion, I will introduce you to how to fill out the “Personal Request” column.

Only write the conditions that is non-negotiable

In the personal request column, there will generally be a description such as “Enter any requests you have in regard to salary, profession, work location, and other items”. However, “requests” here indicates “absolute conditions for you entering the company”. Make sure you do not enter just “things you would like” as requests here.

Things that you should write in the “Personal request column”

If there are no conditions that is non-negotiable, write “貴社の規定に従います(I will follow your company rules)” left-justified. This can be only one line. If you are currently employed elsewhere or are studying, you should enter times you can be contacted during the selection process and the period from which you can start working at the company.

Times you can be contacted during the selection process

If there are times when you cannot take calls due to the fact that you are working or studying, you should write the reason, as well as timeframes or days when you can be easily contacted. As far as possible, you should consider the business hours of the company you are applying for.

Period from which you can start working at the company

In case you will be unable to start working at the company immediately upon being hired, you should include the reason for this and the period from which you will definitely be able to start working. If you have already left your former employment, you can write something like “即日勤務可能です(Available to start immediately).”

Desired position and work location

Normally, this is not entered. At the same time, in case there are multiple positions and work locations available, you should put your request in here. Use the title used on the recruitment advertisement when entering the name of the position and work location.

Absolute required conditions

In case you have the following requirements due to your family circumstances and health reasons, be sure to enter the reason and content here.

  • If you are caring for your parents and your work location is restricted
  • If there are days when it is difficult for you to do overtime for child-rearing reasons
  • In case you have a condition that would not affect your work but means you would need to take  a day off once every few months for hospital visits

Things to avoid

特になし(Nothing in particular) /blank

In case you have no particular condition requests, you can enter “特になし(Nothing in particular)” justified to the left of the column. However, “No requests” may be interpreted as meaning “not serious about working for this company”. It is better to avoid submitting the application with this area blank or with “特になし(Nothing in particular” written here.

Work conditions/benefits

If you have any requests regarding benefits, it is better to communicate this at the interview stage, rather than during document screening. Unless they are conditions that are absolutely required due to family circumstances or health reasons, you should avoid mentioning salary, benefits, or work location.

Long-winded descriptions

If your entry is very long-winded, this may give the impression that “you assert yourself too much and have no interest in the job”. Use bullet points, and summarize the content in a simple way.


On this occasion, I introduced how to write the “Personal request column”. For the personal request column, simply enter only the items that you need to include. If you have requests for benefits etc., it is better to confirm these at the interview stage after passing through document screening.