About us

この投稿は 日本語 でもお読みいただけます

About Living in JAPAN

Living in Japan is “web magazine for foreigners who live in Japan”, which has been streamed by the system Development Corporation in Japan “Webmo Inc.”.

The web magazine has been streaming manners in Japan, what you should know to live in Japan, and interesting things from local point of view.

I hope your life in Japan will be richer.

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Operating company

CompanyWebmo Inc.
EstablishmentMay 2, 2008
CEOAkiko Goto
Address1-10-3-504 Miyamaedaira Miyamae-ku Kawasaki City Kanagawa Prefecture 216-0006, JAPAN
Businessweb development, built up EC site, application development etc.
Registration numberPrivate employment service project permission number