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2021-08-03 MANNER , WORK

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There is no format determined in law for the “RIREKISHO (resume)” and “SHOKUMU KEIREKISHO (curriculum vitae)” required when looking for a job in Japan. However, there are general style formats that are recommended for fair employment screening. On this occasion, we shall introduce you to the recommended format of the documents and method of acquiring the format. You can also download the template that is easy for foreign nationals to complete.

Format types


Until recently, in Japan, the format examples shown in the JIS standard have been recommended. However, this year a format has been unannounced by the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare has been announced that includes items in which items that may lead to employment discrimination have been deleted. Commercially-available RIREKISHO may still include some of these items, but they are being replaced little by little.

There are also RIREKISHO you can purchase that are specifically designed for career change or part-time work. Rather than the specific items changing, the size of the column for description is different, so these tend to be easier to write. In addition to this, you can find many different products for sale commercially, including items that come as a set with the envelope, products with multiple sets, and copy-type products that will leave you your own copy. Choose the product right for your purpose.


Typically, these will be in annals(chronological) format or career format.

Method of acquiring the format

When this is specified by the company, you should always adhere to such stipulations. If this is not specified, purchase commercially-available products or download and use formats published online.


RIREKISHO and SHOKUMU KEIREKISHO can be purchased in a variety of stores.

  • Online stores
  • Stationery stores
  • Book stores
  • 100-yen shops
  • Convenience stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Home centers
  • Drug stores

Downloading templates

At Living in JAPAN, we have prepared a template that is easy for foreign nationals to complete. Please download and utilize this simple-to-use file. The RIREKISHO is created based on the “Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare RIREKISHO format example”. The SHOKUMU KEIREKISHO is available in annals or career formats. The methods of filling in each of these shall be described at a later date.


a4 2sheets
PDF Word Excel
PDF Word Excel
b5 2sheets
PDF Word Excel
PDF Word Excel


a4 hennen
PDF Word Excel
a4 career
PDF Word Excel


This article introduced the format of the application documents and and how to obtain them. The first thing you should do is check whether the company concerned are specifying a particular format. In the next episode, we shall explain how to write the basic information in the RIREKISHO.