[Resume / CV] Paper and Envelope Size

2021-08-01 MANNER , WORK

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There is no format determined in law for the “RIREKISHO (resume)” and “SHOKUMU KEIREKISHO (curriculum vitae)” required when looking for a job in Japan. However, there are general size that are recommended. On this occasion, we shall introduce you to the recommended size of the RIREKISHO, SHOKUMU KEIREKISHO and envelope size when sending by post.

Size of the paper used for business in Japan

In Japan, the sizes of paper known as A4/A3/B5/B4 are commonly used. Note that the B series is an original Japanese standard that is used, and the size differs from the international standard. Additionally, “MIHIRAKI” refers to a double-folded size. For example, what is referred to as “A4 MIHIRAKI” uses A3 size that is folded to make A4 size.

A4 MIHIRAKI:A3 folded in two
B5 MIHIRAKI:B4 folded in two

Size of documents required for job hunting

When this is specified by the company, you should always adhere to such stipulations.

RIREKISHOConventionally, this uses “B5 MIHIRAKI” , but cases of using “A4 MIHIRAKI” are increasing.
Entry sheetTypically uses A4.

Envelope size when sending by post

The RIREKISHO and SHOKUMU KEIREKISHO are official documents. Prepare an envelope in which the documents which an A4 sheet will fit without being folded. Collect your documents in a clear plastic file before inserting them in the envelope. You should prepare a colorless, transparent A4 clear plastic file in advance.

KAKU 2240mm×332mm
KAKU A4228mm×312mm


This article introduced the size of the application documents. The first thing you should do is check whether the company concerned are specifying a particular paper size or method of sending. In the next episode, we shall explain the format of the RIREKISHO and SHOKUMU KEIREKISHO.