Foreigners residing in Japan are also eligible to receive. The flat 100,000yen payout from Japanese Government. -How to apply-

2020-04-27 LIFE , OTHERS

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On April 20, 2020, Japanese Government announced a “Special lumpsum payout” will be made as “The New Coronavirus Pandemic Emergency Economic Measures.” A 100,000yen per person will be paid to all residents. We show you who are eligible to receive and how to apply for the money.

Who’s eligible and who’s receiving

Every person who is recorded on the Basic Resident Register as of April 27,2020 is eligible. Regardless of nationality, those foreigners who have been granted to stay in Japan over 3 months and hold resident card are eligible. However, those who are short-time visitors who are not on the Basic Resident Register are not eligible. As the base date is April 27, a baby born after this date is not eligible, but who has passed away after this date will be eligible.

These who have the right to receive the money are not each individual person. The head of household may apply for all of the household who is eligible. You need to consult with the local municipal office in case when you are taking a shelter due to domestic violence, living separate from your spouse due to divorce proceedings, or you currently live at a place different from the one on the Basic Resident Register.

The Basic Resident Register

You can learn the details at the web site of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

How much and how the payout will be made

The lumpsum payouts will be remitted to the bank account of the applying head of the household for all household members in 100,000yen / person who wish to receive the money. Only when you don’t have any bank account in Japan or have an inevitable reason, you may receive the payout at the local municipal office. This payout may be tax-free.

You may choose to refuse the payout. There will a check box on the application to indicate “accept or not accept the payout.”  If there is one who doesn’t want to receive, check the box for the person. If all members of the household forfeit the payment, you need not to apply.

How to apply

You can apply by mail or by online.

By mail method

An application form will be mailed to the head of household on the Basic Resident Register from your local municipal office. You have to fill out the required items and return the completed application form back to the sender attaching a copy of your identification and a copy verifying your bank account. You can use the postage-paid envelop which will be included with the application form.

How to fill out the application form

We show you according to the draft form. (Which may differ from the actual form.)

The application form mailed to you will show the names of eligible person, relationships to the householder, and birth dates, and the total amount of the payouts when all eligible person want to receive the money.

Online application method

This is applicable only when you have the ‘My Number Card.’ (Not the ‘notice card’ but the card with your photo and IC chip)

  1. Log in to “Mynaportal” using your My Number Card.
  2. Fill in the householder name, information on household members, and your bank account.
  3. Upload verification of your bank account.
  4. Apply electrically (No need for your identification. This will be done by electric signature.)

About My Number Card

The detail is available by accessing the My Number Card site.

Application Period

The ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is saying that they wish to begin the payout as early as possible but the decision on the date when to start receiving application forms is left to each local municipal office. The starting date to accept the application form filed by the mailing and by online may be determined separately respectively. In either case, the application has to be filed within 3 months from the starting date of application by the mailing. You have to confirm this by yourself as the application period differs depending on where you live.

When visiting local municipal office counter

On an inevitable reason, when you go visit the local municipal office counter either to receive a consultation, to submit the application or to receive the payment, it is advised to wear a mask to prevent from spreading the virus.

Be watchful of the payout swindle!

Some cases of fraudulent action have been detected where you are asked to show your personal information, your bank account number, your cash card or your password.

Regarding the special lumpsum payout, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication nor the local municipal office shall NEVER:

  • Ask you to operate an ATM (an automatic transaction machine)
  • Ask you to remit any handling charge for the payment
  • Ask you by telephone call, mail or e-mail to share your personal information such as your household constituents or your bank account number, prior to the beginning date of accepting the application.

Should you receive suspicious telephone call, mail, or e-mail, you should contact the local municipal office or the nearest police station.