How to use coin lockers (by Suica/in cash)

2019-06-06 OTHERS

This post is also available in 日本語

You’ll find coin lockers in Japan at many places such as stations and department stores. This will enable you to enjoy travelling or shopping with no worry to carry heavy belongings. The number of coin lockers you can pay with e-money like Suica is increasing these days. We show you here how to use coin lockers with or without keys which have different means of payment.

Keyless coin lockers (accepting Suica or cash)

This popular type is located at airports and stations. You pay by e-money like Suica or cash.

Storing your belongings

  1. On the touchscreen, select a language and press “Checking.” The vacant locker numbers will show up for you to choose from.
  2. Confirm the number and store your belongings. Gently close the door and make sure a lamp is blinking.
  3. Press “Confirm” on the touchscreen after the color of the locker number you selected comes on.
  4. Choose the payment method. If you pay by IC card, it’s your key. If you pay by cash, PIN code is your key and will be printed on the receipt.
  5. Place your IC card on the card reader and pay the base fee or pay cash for the base fee. Don’t forget to take a receipt.

Retrieving your belongings

  1. On the touchscreen, select a language and press “Taking out.”
  2. Choose the payment type you had selected when you stored.
  3. In case of IC card, place the card on the reader. When the total charge is over the base fee, the excess is charged to your card.
    In case of using PIN, punch in the PIN and press “Confirm.” When the total charge is the base fee, pay the extra charge in cash.
    The lock will be released, and you retrieve your belongings.

Key-type coin lockers (Cash only)

This type is found at many locations. They accept only cash and you need to have 100yen coins.

Storing your belongings

  1. Find a locker with a key which shows it’s vacant. Place your belongings in the locker and close the door.
  2. Pay the amount that display shows by 100yen coins.
  3. Hold the door shut, turn the key counterclockwise, and pull out. Make sure it’s locked.

Retrieving your belongings

  1. Check and match the locker number and the number on the key. Insert the key.
  2. When the total charge is over the base fee, pay the extra charge by 100yen coins.
  3. The lock will be released when you turn the key clockwise. Retrieve your belongings.

Different types of lockers

Coin return type lockers (Charge free)

You deposit when you store your belongings. The money will be back to you when you retrieve them. Don’t forget to collect the returned money.

Cold storage locker

Refrigerated locker in a temporary cold storage service of fresh food. This type becomes handy if you have other things to do, after you have bought fresh food.

How to find coin lockers

They are located at various places. Usually, their locating is indicated by an illustration showing a luggage and a key. You can ask where the coin locker at the facility. Also, there is an application to find vacant lockers of key-less type.

Charge rates

The charges vary depending on the location and the locker size. You need to check the charge rate, the duration constraint, and operating hours. You’ll be charged excess fee when you go over the duration limit.

You can’t leave your belongings in a locker over a certain time limit even when you pay an excess charge. Please be careful that after the time limit, the unclaimed content of a locker will be disposed of.