Perfect for the Golden Week! 8 Spots to See Koinobori

2019-04-16 OTHERS , PLEASURE

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The Golden Week is coming up! May 5th is a public holiday called ‘Children’s Day.’ Back in the day, Children’s Day used to be called ‘Tango no Sekku’ to celebrate boys; nowadays, it has mostly the case that all children are celebrated on this holiday.

On “Children’s Day”, one of the customs is to hang koinobori. The Koi fish is a strong fish that swims against any swift and strong current and lives in a swamp or a pond. It is believed that koinobori is expressive of children growing strong just like the Koi fish.

There will be many places to spot koinobori around May 5th. Why don’t you go out and look for koinobori swimming across the big blue sky?

[Tokyo] Colorful 333 Koinobori for Day and Night

During the season, the venue will be illuminated from 5 P.M. to 11 P.M. There is no other place where you can take a picture of Tokyo Tower and Koinobori.

Tokyo Tower ‘Koinobori’ of 333 Koi Fish and Gigantic ‘Sanmanobori’

Schedule: Until May 6th, 2019 (Mon)
Address: Tokyo Tower
Admission Fee: Free

[Tokyo] Unique and Artistic Koinobori of 100 Koi Fish

Numerous artists and designers from and outside of Japan exhibit their own koinoboriwith the theme of “wishing for children’s growth”.


Schedule: April 19th , 2019(Fri) – May 6th, 2019(Mon)
Address: Tokyo Midtown
Admission Fee: Free (only in Japanese)

[Kanagawa] Koinobori of 1000 Koi Fish Swimming Above the Sagami River

This event was first in 1988 and grabbed the public’s attention since then. The spectacular view is definitely worth a visit.

Swim Carp Sagami River

Schedule: April 29th, 2019(Mon) – May 5th, 2019(Sun)
Address: The Sagami River upper stream over Takada Bridge
Admission Fee: Free (only in Japanese)

[Gunma] Certified in the Guinness World Record! 5000+ Koinobori of Large and Small

Enjoy this superb koinobori view which has been certified in the Guinness World Record in May 2005.

The 17th Koinobori no Sato Festival

Schedule: March 25th, 2019 (Mon) – May 10th, 2019 (Fri)
Address: Tatebayashi-city, Gunma Prefecture (Tsuruuda River, Kondo-numa Lake, Morinji River, Tsutsujigaoka Parkinn, Tatara-numa Lake)
Admission Fee: Free

[Ibaraki] 1000 Koinobori Swimming Majestically in the Nature

Ryujin Otsurihashi Bridge is the longest pedestrian bridge in the mainland of Japan, with its height 100m and length 375m. You can seldom catch koinobori swim in such height.

The 30th Ryujinkyo Koinobori Festival

Schedule: April 27th, 2019 (Sat) – May 12th, 2019 (Sun)
Address: Around Ryujin Otsurihashi Bridge
Admission Fee: Free of charge for children under junior high school on May 5th (only in Japanese)

[Nagano] Sakura and Koinobori in Kojinyama Park

During the festival, you can enjoy the illuminated park from 6 P.M.

The 25th Kojinyama Park Sakura Festival

Schedule: Until May 6th, 2019(Mon)
Address: 2396-20 Higuchi, Tatsuno, Kamiina-gun, Nagano
Admission Fee: Free (only in Japanese)

[Osaka] 1,000 Koinobori Swimming in the Sky under the Akutagawa River

This popular event has been held in Takatsuki since 1992. There will be stage performances and food stalls, perfect for a family outing.

The 28th Koinobori Festa 1000

Schedule: April 22nd, 2019 (Mon) – May 5th, 2019 (Sun)
Address: Akutagawa Sakurazutsumi Park
Admission Fee: Free (only in Japanese)

[Hyogo] 6000+ Mini Koinobori

On each koinobori is written everyone’s dream and wishes.

Koinobori Exhibition – Every Child’s Dream! Reach to the Sky! –

Schedule: Until May 31st, 2019 (Fri)
Address: 1216 Kurodani, Kato, Hyogo Prefecture
Admission Fee: Adult ¥1,200 / Child ¥800 (only in Japanese)