8 Spots to View Nemophila, Baby Blue Eyes in 2019

2019-04-11 OTHERS , PLEASURE

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Have you ever heard of internationally-recognized “Nemophila” in Hitachi Seaside Park before? Also known as Baby Blue Eyes, they are little blue flowers that bloom in April to May. It is absolutely a must to see the bed of Nemophila that spreads across your view. Here are eight spots you can see Nemophila in Japan.
In some areas the flowers are blooming earlier than usual; so make sure to check the blooming forecast before you visit.

Hitachi Seaside Park (Ibaraki Prefecture)

The most obvious Nemophila viewing spot.
Nemophila spreading across the vast site contrasted with the blue of the sky, it is breathtakingly beautiful.

Total number of Nemophila: 4.6 million
Best time to visit : From the beginning of April to the beginning of May
605-4 Onuma, Mawatari, Hitachinaka, Ibaraki Prefecture, 312-0012

Showa Memorial Park (Tokyo)

You can enjoy various kinds of flowers and plants in this huge park throughout the year.
There is a dog-run in site – recommended for those accompanying their dogs.

Total number of Nemophila: 40,000
Best time to visit: From the beginning of May onward
3173 Midoricho, Tachikawa, Tokyo

Yamanakako Hananomiyako Park (Yamanashi Prefecture)

You can enjoy the spectacular view of Mt. Fuji and Nemophila together. The park is 300,000 square meters big, full of different kinds of flowers and plants.

Total number of Nemophila: 150,000
Best time to visit: Usually from the end of April to the end of May
1650 Yamanaka, Yamanakako, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture
http://www.hananomiyakokouen.jp/ (Only in Japanese)

Hamanako Garden Park (Shizuoka Prefecture)

Sitting by the Hamanako Lake, the park has the observatory and sightseeing tour ship.
Entry and parking are free of charge.

Total number of Nemophila: approximately 200,000
Best time to visit: From the beginning of April to the end of April
5475-1 Murakushicho, Nishi Ward, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture
https://www.hamanako-gardenpark.jp/ (Only in Japanese)

Hana Festa Memorial Park (Gifu Prefecture)

One of the biggest rose gardens in the world. You can enjoy Nemophila right before the rose season.

Best time to visit: From the beginning of April to the end of April
1584-1 Seta, Kani, Gifu Prefecture

Osaka Maishima Seaside Park (Osaka)

Osaka Maishima Lilies Park is reopening after its renovation! It is located right in front of the Osaka Bay, enjoy the view of the sky, the ocean and flowers all together.

Total number of Nemophila: 1 million
Best time to visit: April 13th to May 6th (Nemophila Festival)
2 Chome Hokkoryokuchi, Konohana Ward, Osaka

Flower Village (Hiroshima Prefecture)

You can enjoy moss phlox and Nemophila together. The village has the most number of moss phlox with 450,000 in the Western region of Japan.

Total number of Nemophila: 1 million
Best time to visit: From mid-April to the beginning of May
3-3 Kamitsuta, Sera, Sera District, Hiroshima Prefecture

Uminonakamichi Seaside Park (Fukuoka Prefecture)

The park has a petting zoo and play area for children – perfect for families.

Total number of Nemophila: 1.5 million
Best time to visit: From mid-April to the beginning of May
18-25 Saitozaki, Ooaza, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture