[100 yen shop Daiso] 5 snacks you should purchase in 2019

2019-06-25 OTHERS

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Daiso is a place where you can buy condiments, “boil-in-the-bag” food, bread, and drinks etc. for 100 yen. There are products that you can buy cheaper than in a supermarket, and if you go to Daiso you should pop by the food corner. On this occasion, we will introduce you to five popular products, limiting our attention among the huge range of products to just “snacks”.

Popular with a wide range of age groups! “Puchi mixed donuts” that really make you feel nostalgic

Includes the three types of Choco Nuts, Old Fashioned, and Semi-sweet weighing 90g (8 pieces). As these are mini-sized doughnuts, there are recommended for when you want to take a short break. One good thing is that each donut is individually wrapped, so you can casually carry it around when going to the workplace or going out. Eating these moist donuts causes a wave of nostalgia to wash over you, and these can be enjoyed by all age groups.

“Furanocchi” using potatoes from Hokkaido

Daiso sell a wide range of potato chips, but this is a snack that I particularly want you to try at least once. It uses real Hokkaido potatoes, and has been jointly developed with JA Furano. The consommé flavor, stuffed with meat and fragrant vegetables, is a taste that once you try you can never give up. You will finish the pack before you know it, so I would recommend you buying many packs at once.

Irresistible crispiness! Peanut Chocolate Wafers “Zackey”

This is a chocolate snack in which peanuts and chocolate are stuffed between crispy wafers. There are seven of these in the pack, and each one is individually wrapped. There is crispy peanut with chocolate which will keep you satisfied for some time. When you “fancy something small and sweet”, this is the ideal snack. It goes perfectly with black coffee. If you are a fan of chocolate, you should definitely look for this in Daiso and give it a try.

Your beer’s best mate! (Wasabi-flavored Kaki-no-tane) with a touch of dried seaweed”

Daiso deal with a large number of varieties of Kaki-no-tane. Among them is this product. If you are a fan of wasabi or just like spicy food, you should try this Kaki-no-tane at least once. The moment you taste it, your mouth will be full of the fragrance and spiciness of the wasabi. It has very classy packaging as well, so will be a big hit at home parties and as a souvenir.

You will never buy Amaguri anywhere else again! Satisfying large quantity “Kodawari-no-muki Amaguri (sweet chestnuts)”

You can buy a large quantity of 120g of Amaguri for just ¥100! This has become an active discussion point on SNS. 60g of Amaguri is sold at convenience stores for ¥120, so you can say for sure that the Daiso Amaguri have very good cost performance. Another reason they sell well is that they are completely organic chestnuts, and no preservatives, coloring, sugar or other sweeteners are used. They are not only recommended for everyday snacks but are also useful when you are on a diet. If you heat them up using a microwave oven, there are even more delicious. Give them a try!

There is a huge range of Daiso snacks!

This occasion, we have introduced you to five “particularly delicious” snacks that you can buy at Daiso.

Daiso deal with all kinds of snacks from kid’s snacks to classics such as potato chips, rice crackers and nibbles. You may get that feeling of “Really? They have this as well” and end up lining up at the snack counter of Daiso.

Of the snacks handled by Daiso, there are many products that you can buy cheaper than at a supermarket! They have many products and as you move between them you will feel “this is cheap at 100 yen”, so just make sure you don’t buy too much!