[100-yen-shop: Daiso] useful 100-yen goods for cleaning bathroom

2019-06-17 OTHERS

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Finally, the ‘tsuyu’ (rainy season) has come this year. Because of warm and humid weather in June to September, mold grow actively.  Especially in Japan where the bathtub usually holds warm water, the mold likes the enclosed humidity.

We show you here how to protect your bathroom from mold.


Here are some items available at the 100-yen-shop Daiso.

  • Flooring wiper
  • Cleaning sheet for the flooring wiper
  • Mold collection sponge
  • Mold removing spray
  • Kitchen towel
  • Disposable gloves
  • Water wiper

Exterminate mold

You defeat mold using mold removing liquid. Don’t scrub too strong which may damage the packing and mold will soak deeper. Also, if the surface is wet, mold removing liquid will be less effective.

5 tips

  • Remove dirt and soil beforehand
  • Use mold removing liquid when the bathroom is dry
  • Remove mold on the ceiling first
    As spore of mold scatter from top to bottom, let’s start with the ceiling
  • After you spread mold removing liquid, don’t scrub
    You don’t have to spread mold removing liquid thickly. Rather, make sure to cover all mold.
  • Leave the mold removing liquid until it reaches deep inside to the roots, and then wash away.
    However, leaving it too long like over -night, this will damage the packing. The general duration is several tens of minutes to several hours.

Removing mold at place higher than your eye level such as ceiling

It is not safe to use mold removing spray to a place higher than your eye level. The flooring wiper comes handy.

  1. Place a few folded sheets of kitchen paper to the flooring wiper and spray mold removing liquid a few times.
  2. Spread the liquid thinly to the ceiling. It’s dangerous to spray much at one time. Apply a little by little.
  3. After leaving as it is for about 30 minutes, wipe off with water.

    And then, dry off with dust-cloth.

Removing mold at place lower than your eye level

Remove mold from such places as wall, bathtub, shower, doors, washing space, drainage, and other places.

  1. First, remove dirt and soil.
  2. Apply directly the mold removing spray and leave it as is.
  3. Rinse away with shower and wipe dry.
  4. Where it is difficult to use mold removing liquid, wipe with mold removing sponge.

Removing mold from heavily stained or liquid dripping places

  1. Spay mold removing liquid.
  2. Cover tightly and firmly with kitchen paper.
  3. Spray mold removing liquid over the kitchen paper again.
  4. Leave it for about 30 minutes, rinse with shower and wipe dry.

Mold prevention

You can prevent molding only by not leaving humidity in the bathroom.

  • Wipe moisture off using water wiper or dry dust-cloth and spray ethanol for sterilization.
    You can use flooring wiper for the ceiling as same as removing mold.
  • Turn on a ventilation fan or open the window for about 3 hours to air the room.
  • Close the lid when the bathtub is with water in it.

Take caution!

You must read the instructions carefully before buying or using the cleaning tools and cleansing liquid.

  • Protect the bath
    The methods shown here use tools and cleansing liquid. Usage of these may damage or change colors depending on the material of floor and wall of bathroom. Make sure to try beforehand on a non-apparent spot.
  • Protect yourself
    You must be extra-careful when using chlorine-based mold removing liquid. Avoid using this when you are not feeling well. It is important to turn on the ventilation fan while using the liquid. Also, you should not use other types of cleanser at the same time. It’s advisable to wear rubber gloves, face mask, goggles, and boots for bathroom. If the liquid touches your hair or skin, wash thoroughly away with water immediately.