Why do Japanese people wear face mask frequently?

2019-01-09 OTHERS

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Foreigners might wonder (weird) why many Japanese people wear a facemask? Why are many Japanese people wearing facemask not only in winter when flu goes around because of cold, but also in spring, summer, and autumn?

The reason why many Japanese people wear facemask is not only the fear of having a cold. Let’s, close in on the secret behind facemask Japanese people wear.

The reason why Japanese people wear a facemask is not only to have a cold!

“Are many Japanese people having a cold all year around?”
There is no wonder if foreigners who just came to Japan think so.

We often can see many Japanese people who wear a on a train and in town such as shopping malls.
Japanese people would not feel strange to see it because it has been too natural thing for Japanese people. However, for foreigners, it could seem very weird.

In fact, in different countries, almost none of the people wear a facemask in a town.
“facemask = a cold”
This is common sense in other countries.

Of course, many Japanese people would wear a facemask in the season when flu would go around.
A facemask will avoid a virus of a cold spread while coughing and sneezing.

But, a facemask will be very useful not only when you have a cold.

When will Japanese people wear a facemask?

In Japan, “a cold = facemask” is not right.
A facemask has been used for many purposes in Japan. Some reasons could make foreigners surprised.

Situation 1 Pollen allergy preventive measures

Speaking of the season of pollen allergy, many people think that it is the beginning of spring, but actually, pollen flies all year around in Japan.
For people who have pollen allergy need a facemask all year around.
There are facemask sections in drug stores that sell facemasks only for pollen allergy.
A facemask has been an essential item for people who have pollen allergy.

Situation 2 prevent dusts

A facemask is used for preventive measures for dusts and exhaust gas other than virus of a cold and pollen allergy.
People who work at devastated area as volunteers would also wear facemasks. facemasks. Moreover, facemasks are used by people while sweeping, cleaning at the end of the year, cleaning for moving.

Situation 3 To keep your face warm

Facemasks will surely keep your face warm. Even it cannot perfectly keep your face warm, it is surely warmer.
As products specialized for keeping warm, the facemask used heat absorption material to heat up by exhalation.

Situation 4 Moisturizing measures

If you wear a facemask, you could feel the warmth on your face, but also, you might have your throat moisturized.
In the day of dry air, facemasks would be useful for moisturizing measures.
If you feel dry throat, your throat would be moisturized by wearing a facemask.
Facemasks to prevent you from dry skin and throat while sleeping is also sold.

Situation 5 UV protection

In the case of women who care about sunburn, some of them wear facemasks for UV protection.
When you are exposed to the sun for long time such as working on a field, or walking on mountain many women would wear a big hat that has the brim for the protection of sunburn? But, the brim of hat could not cover around mouth even if it can cover around eyes.
So, facemask for UV protection has been produced. A hat and facemask for UV protection are used together, and then your face could be covered fully and it would be perfect for sun protection.

Situation 6 your face looks small

Have you heard that your face looks small if you wear a facemask?
Recently, many high school and college girls would wear facemasks to make their face look small.
In some facemasks sold in drag stores, they appeal that wearing a specific facemask makes your face look small.
These facemasks are small in shape and will fit on your face. They have been made to look like your chin shape. Wearing a facemask hides the shape of the face and make all your face clear. Consequently, it will make your face look small.

Situation 7 looks more beautiful

Some women wear facemasks so that only their eyes could be seen so that their eyes are cute..
If you wear a facemask, parts of face other than eyes would be hidden.
So among some young women, facemask has been used to look their face more beautiful as God item. In order to look themselves cute, they would hide your face! It is mysterious action!

Situation 8 To hide a face without make-up

The number of this case is very low. Some women would wear facemask to hide a face without make-up.
When they just got off a bath and go to a convenience store, they would wear a facemask to hide their face.
They think that they do not make up just to go to a convenience store, but they do not want to show a face without make up!
In that time, facemask could be used to hide their face. Also, many women will wear facemasks to hide pimples around mouth.

Situation 9 Mask addiction

Some people will wear facemask without special purposes.
Some of them want to avoid being seen by people around, do not want to be understood a feeling, and do not want to interact with someone.
I want to hide myself, because of physical reason like this; the number of people who wear facemasks is increasing in recent years.

Manners that you must follow at least.

This time, we have introduced any occasion of facemask used in Japan.
If you read this information, you can understand why many Japanese people wear facemasks all year around.
However, everyone from other countries, even if you are living in Japan, you will not be required to wear a facemask. Don’t worry!!

“If you catch a cold, you should wear a facemask to avoid infection even if you do not cough.”
“If you want to sneeze because of pollen allergy, you should cover your mouth and nose with a handkerchief.”
If you know those 2 manners at least, you would not have trouble with wearing a facemask in Japan.

And, even if Japanese people wear a facemask, it does not mean that they are sick. Thank you for your understanding.