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2019-10-06 LIFE

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The Consumption Tax was raised to 10% from 8% on October 1, 2019. At the same time, “the reduced tax rate system” and “the point reward project” were introduced.

We explained to you the reduced tax rate system in our previous article, “Consumption Tax Rate is to be raised to10%–How to identify things applicable to Reduced Tax Rate system” This time, we discuss the point reward project.

The point reward project for consumers using cashless payment is

Term: 10/1/2019 ~ 6/30/2020
Purpose: To promote cashless payment

This is a time limited program where you will receive maximum 5% of points when you use a certain cashless payment method at certain stores and EC sites.

What’s cashless payment?

These are the payment method made not by cash such as bills and coins. The followings are the methods which are eligible for the point reward.

  • Credit cards
    Deferred payment with credit.
  • Debit card
    Same time payment without credit.
    Payment is debited from your bank account immediately.
  • Electronic money, Prepaid card
    Paid in advance with no credit.
    Paying from your pre-charged deposit, by card or smart-phone app.
    Railway cards: Suica, PASMO, ICOCA LINE Pay
    Other types: nanaco, WAON, Rakuten Edy, etc.
  • QR code, Barcode (smart phone)
    Paying from your pre-charged amount, or your pre-registered credit or your bank account, by reading QR code or bar-cord.
    PayPay, merpay, LINE Pay LINE Pay, etc.

Which paying service will be eligible for the point reward?

You need to check the following two points.

Check in advance: Is the payment method you want to use applicable to the point reward program or not?

Please refer to the official website of the payment method. You can also check with the official website of the point reward project.

Check at the shop: Is the payment method you want to use accepted at the shop or not?

Which paying methods are accepted differ from shop to shop. Check the posters or displays in the shop.

Which store gives you the point rewards?

You can receive the point reward when you shop at a small or midsize store which has registered as a cashless shopping place. As of 9/26, approximately 500,000 shops have registered. Only a limited number of convenient stores are applicable. Also, a limited number of shops and merchandises are eligible when you shop at the EC malls such as Rakuten Market, Yahoo! Shopping and Amazon.

You can search for applicable stores through the following two means.

Posters, stickers and banners

The posters or stickers like below are displayed around the windows, doors, or cash registers of the shops. There may be the banners like below.

Shop search function on the website or app

You can search for the eligible stores on the official website or official app.

On the official website

You can narrow your search by your present location, category, point reward rate, the payment method, etc.

On official app

You can search for eligible stores within an area of your choice.

How much will be rewarded?

The point reward rate varies from store to store. Generally, the reward rate is 5% at small and midsize stores, and 2% at franchise chains and gas stations. Please confirm the rate on posters and stickers.

When, how and to what extent the point reward will be applied?

Each payment method has its own timing, the way and the maximum rate of the point reward project. You can refer to the official site of the payment service of your choice, the official site of the point reward project and the web site of the store you are to make purchase. You can refer to the official website of the payment service of your choice, the official website of the point reward project and the web site of the store you are to make purchase.

  • Giving the points:
    Will be given the points or charge at later date
  • Applied immediately
    Will be applied to the purchase by deducting from your payment
  • Set-off
    Will be applied to reduce debiting amount from your account
  • Applied to your account
    Accumulated for a month to be applied to a future payment

Please be aware!

  • The reward points are given generally based upon the tax-included price, but some payment services use tax-excluded price.
  • There are some items which are not eligible for the point reward, such item as gift cards and post stamps which are cashed easily.
  • The railway cards may require to register beforehand.
    For more details, we explained in our previous article, “Warning on transportation system IC! Unless you register you will not get any reward points!”.

Source: The Point Reward Project for Consumers using Cashless Payment