The Creation of the Visa for Specific Skill Workers Makes the Job Market for Foreigners More Active


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Japan introduced a new staying permit called “Specific Skill Workers” in April 2019. Foreigners are now able to work at 14 industries which are approved to be short-handed. In response to this, YOLO JAPAN Ltd. conducted a survey among 680 people from 52 countries regarding changing jobs and the result is as following.

Conception towards changing jobs

Over 90% of the respondents viewed the job change positively and of which, 30% replied that they were actively considering changing jobs.

Ranking of Reasons for changing jobs

  1. Looking for career advancement or a more rewarding position (51%)
  2. Dissatisfaction with salary or company (44%)
  3. The contract was completed (4%)
  4. Human relations weren’t optimal (1%)

The fact that more than 51% showed “Looking for career advancement or a more rewarding position” indicates that many are considering to change jobs as a positive move. Further, followings are said to be the meaning of career step-ups.

  • There are other jobs which they want to challenge
  • Some want to open up own business and be independent
  • Some want to gain broader knowledge and experience

Contrary to the concerns many recruiting personnel have toward the reason for changing jobs, ‘the human relationships’ counted mere 1%.

What were difficult in changing jobs?

  1. The Japanese language is difficult
  2. I didn’t pass the interview / I couldn’t make time for the interview
  3. It costs money
  4. The paperwork to leave a company is difficult

Most of the respondents who raised the difficulty of Japanese language, the most popular issue, have indicated that they could communicate in Japanese. However, they seem to feel that Japanese used in the job-hunting activity is far more difficult than the daily conversation.

Vitalizing job-change market

The average number of companies people applied to before successfully finding a new job was 8. 74% of people answered that the time consumed was less than 6 months. And then 72% considered that the Visa for specific skill workers shall have good influence on foreigners who are working on job change efforts.

It is expected that the Visa will create an active job changing market for foreigners.

Survey Summary

Job Changes among Foreigners in Japan
Method: via an on-line questionnaire
Survey term: 3/22/2019 ~ 5/31/2019
Sample size: 680 people (52 countries)