[Renting] Checkpoints for entrants and how to pass screening

2019-06-24 LIFE

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Despite the fact that the number of foreign nationals living in Japan is increasing, it remains the fact that real estate information is mainly in Japanese and entry screening is strict. Previously, we introduced you to the “Flow of a rental contract” and “Necessary documents and costs when renting a home”, explaining the things foreign nationals should know before renting a property in Japan. On this occasion, we would like to introduce you to “Being checked with entry screening when renting a house (when taking out a rental agreement)”. We focused our discussion on the specialists “N-ASSET” who are intermediaries for the renting and sale of property, mainly in the Kanagawa prefecture area.

What is entry screening?

Entry screening is for the landlord or real estate company to investigate and judge “whether it is OK to lend a room to this person or not”. In the case of a foreign national, there may be screening by the guarantor company in addition to the landlord and real estate company.

Investigation check points

  • Do you have the resources to pay the rent?
  • Do you have eligibility to remain in Japan?
  • Do you have an emergency contact in Japan?
  • Credit investigation (have you defaulted on rent in the past, have you defaulted on a credit card payment?)
  • Japanese language ability (more than half of real estate management companies request to be able to speak at a daily conversation level)
  • Place of employment or study (large corporations or famous universities give a good impression to landlords)
  • Do you understand the way of life in Japan (how to put the garbage out, noise, early morning/late night timeframes)
  • Is there a support structure available? (Is there somebody at your workplace or a close friend with whom you can communicate in a foreign language?)

Points for passing the entry screening

Although there are differences between the screening standards of the guarantor company and the landlord, although some items may differ, you will be asked to submit the requested documentation. Additionally, in order to pass the inspection, it is important to improve your Japanese language ability and your trust level on a daily basis.

Points to note

  • There may be situations where it takes time to get the necessary documentation, so confirm what is required in advance.
  • Do not enter any falsehoods or misrepresentations in the application form.
  • When viewing the inside of the property, make sure you are polite and follow the rules, giving a good impression of yourself as a member of society.
  • You will be contacted by the guarantor company or management company, so make sure you can answer your phone.

To leave a good impression

Among the items required for the entry screening, there are those related to credit and ability that you “cannot deal with right away” and “those that you can start dealing with right away”. For example, to give the landlord a good impression you can “practice Japanese so that you answer when asked a question, to improve the quality of your life in Japan”, and you can start doing this right away. You can also start preparing a hygienic appearance for yourself.

You should start preparing those items you can start to deal with right away.


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