Something you should try at least once! Capsule hotels recommended in Tokyo

2019-09-17 PLEASURE

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The capsule hotel is a facility with a space like a capsule, and of a size just big enough for one person to lie down in. There are no doors to the guest rooms so you cannot lock others out, but you are separated by a curtain. They are cheaper than typical business hotels, and recently the number of capsule hotels focusing on design sense and comfort is increasing. On this occasion, I would like to introduce you to individualistic capsule hotels recommended in Tokyo.


This is a capsule hotel based around the concept of a “tea room (Japanese traditional design room for tea ceremony) where you can stay”. It is 30 seconds away on foot from the closest station, Ningyocho. It is extremely convenient as a base for either business or tourism. There are two women-only floors.

Typical capsule hotels are like bunk beds, but this is a one-floor type, so the height is up to the ceiling., and it is quite spacious. There are Japanese paintings on the walls of each room, giving it a peaceful and relaxing vibe. It is co-located with a work lounge where you can work and a bar lounge where you can enjoy Japanese “sake” and cocktails. This is recommended for those people who want to enjoy a sophisticated Japanese modern space.


This is a capsule hotel based around the concept of a “book shop where you can stay ®”. On reading the book of your choice, you will fall asleep before you realize it. You can enjoy this kind of blissful experience in the city, if you visit the Ikebukuro main branch, Shinjuku branch, or Asakusa branch.

Inside, you can freely read books of a wide range of genres, including photo collections, travel books, novels, comics, picture books, and foreign works etc. (there are also English books). The Ikebukuro main branch has approximately 3,500 volumes, and there will be staff who are conversant in English. The bed is buried inside the bookcase and the room is of a structure where you are sleeping in a corner of the bookcase, and this is definitely recommended for bookworms.

The Millennials Shibuya

This is a capsule hotel where you operate an independently developed “smart pod”, providing the experience of accommodation in the near future. This is located 400m from the “Hachiko statue” in front of Shibuya station and 6 minutes on foot from the scramble intersection. It is really convenient as a base for either business or tourism.

This is a one-floor type, so the height is up to the ceiling., and it is quite spacious. The bed has a reclining function and can be used as both a bed and a sofa. Additionally, the alarm does not make a noise, and instead you are woken with lighting and the reclining seat. You can also book rooms with a home theater function and rooms with art on the walls. It has an excellent shared space with a workspace and kitchen as well.

First Cabin

This is a capsule hotel based around the concept of a first-class cabin in an airplane. There are 12 branches within the City, including Tokyo Dome and Akihabara.. All branches are within 5 minutes’ walk of the closest station, and the male and female areas are separated.

One of these branches is within terminal 1 of Haneda Airport, and is convenient if you have a late night or early morning flight. There is a foreign currency conversion machine and you can also borrow converter plugs for overseas use. Although the type of rooms you can use differ depending on the branch, the rooms called “first-class cabin” and “business class cabin” are of a single-floor type, with a high ceiling, and are very spacious.


This is women-only capsule hotel, with a Northern Europe image, and based around the concept of a cocoon (Mayu). The closest station is Hatchobori station, which is 4 minutes away on foot. It is convenient not only for the Tokyo, but also for accessing the Chiba area.

The staff are all female and multiple languages are supported, so it may be a relaxing and reliable place to go for women travelling on their own and when use capsule hotel for the first time. It has many facilities only possible in a female-only space, such as a white-based shower room and powder space.