[Illustrated] How to Order and Eat at “Ikinari Steak”

2019-08-05 PLEASURE

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“Ikinari Steak” is a chain of restaurants that allows you to eat steak in a casual setting at affordable prices. Its popularity has skyrocketed since it was founded in 2013. However, the method of ordering food is a little different from normal restaurants, so there are some people who do not know how it works. On this occasion, we shall explain how to utilize “Ikinari Steak”.

How to Utilize “Ikinari Steak”

The mechanism of “Ikinari Steak” differs depending on the day and timeframe.

  • Weekdays from 17:00, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: Order cut
  • Weekdays before 17:00: Lunch

As the methods of utilizing order cut and lunch are different, you should check in advance.
*The various timeframes may differ depending on the store.

Weekdays from 17:00, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: (Order cut)

This is order cut where you order based on the weight of the meat you wish to eat in grams. The price is in gram units.

  1. Enter the store and find your seat
    There are both restaurants in standing and sitting styles.
  2. Order items from the menu other than steak
    You can order side menu items, such as salad and drinks. In the case of “Order cut”, rice does not come with it as standard, so you need to order it at this time if you would like to eat it.
  3. Select the meat you would like to order
    There will be a menu sheet for the meat at your seat, so you can choose what you would like to order in advance.
  4. Take the number plate from your seat to the “Cut” area
    Look for the place that says “Cut area” within the store.
  5. At the “Cut” area, tell the staff what type of meat, weight (grams), and how you would like it cooked (rare, medium, well-done).
    For example, you might order “300g of rib roast steak rare please”.
    You can change what you have with it free of charge. This is sweetcorn by default, but can be changed to broccoli, potato, green beans, or onion on request. You can add sides for an additional 100 yen.
  6. They will cook the cut meat for you.
  7. Return to your seat, put on your apron and wait.
  8. You can find chopsticks, knives and forks, dressing, and condiments at each table.
  9. Once the meat is cooked, an attendant will bring it to you. Add your favorite steak sauce to taste.
  10. Looks great! Enjoy the steak while it is hot!

Weekday 11:00 ~ 17:00 (Lunch)

You can order from the lunch menu up to 17:00 on weekdays (200 grams, 300 grams etc.). The price is based on the determined quantity. Further, in the case of lunch, all menu items come with rice, salad, and soup.

  1. Enter the restaurant and find your seat
  2. Order the items you want to eat from the menu
  3. Wait for the food to arrive

Lunch is ordered in the same way as other restaurants. There is no need to go to the “Cut” area, and everything can be ordered from your seat.

Recommended menu

Ribulose steak (one piece of ribulose, my rib)

This is the back area of the cow and is a part with a perfect balance between fatty and lean meat. The meat quality is characterized in that it is smooth and soft.

Order cut: 6.9 yen/g
Lunch: 2,270 yen /300g, 2,960 yen /400g, 3,450 yen /500g

The top rib steak

This is a steak cut that is the less fatty section of the rib loin steak. As there is less fat, there is more marbled meat, and you can enjoy its luxurious taste on the tongue.

Order cut: 7.3 yen/g
Lunch: 2,390 yen/300g, 2,920 yen/400g

Middle rib steak

This is a steak cut with more fatty section of the rib loin steak. You can enjoy the juicy taste of the fat.

Order cut: 6.6 yen/g
Lunch: 2,180 yen/300g, 2,640 yen/400g

[Lunch only] CAB Wild Steak

This is the shoulder section of the meat, characterized in that it is thick and smooth, with a good texture and rich taste. It is a cheaper cut, so you can eat as much as you like.

Lunch: 1,130 yen/200g, 1,390 yen/300g, 1,850 yen/450g
*You can also order this for dinner, but it does not come with rice, salad, and soup, as it does at lunch time.