“Yakatabune” recommended for your enjoyment in Tokyo

2019-06-22 PLEASURE

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Have you ever ridden a “Yakatabune”? The Yakatabune is a traditional vessel in Japan, which has both a tatami sitting area and a roof. On the boat, you can enjoy the scenery on the water while eating Japanese food. There are also seasonal courses, such as cherry blossoms in the spring, and fireworks in the summer. It is not only charter-based, and you can also ride with other people, so it is possible to apply for it casually as a small group.

On this occasion, I would like to introduce you to “Yakatabune” that you can enjoy in Tokyo.

How to ride the Yakatabune

You will need to book in advance, regardless of whether you are chartering or riding with others. In particular when riding with others, the date/time of departures and the course are limited. Many vendors have English home pages, so you should check these out first. Some vessels have an observatory decks, and some are chairs rather than tatami mat.

You should book once you have decided on the date/time and the number of people. In general, you will need to pay in advance. Please note that if you are late for the boarding time, you will be unable to travel.


This is a famous Yakatabune representing Japan, and is often introduced on the TV and in magazines etc. It is famous for tempura, and you can enjoy the deep-fried hot tempura on the deck of the ship.  “Sashimi funamori” is also provided, and it suits people who want to eat high quality Japanese food.

A boat you can share with others departs once per day. It travels from Shinagawa to Rainbow Bridge and then on to the Sumidagawa river where you can view the Tokyo Sky Tree and Eitaibashi Bridge. In the cherry blossom season, you can enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms on the banks of Sumidagawa from the boat.

Boarding point: Shinagawa
Basic course: From 10,800 yen
* Bookings and inquiries by telephone are only available in Japanese.


These are mainly charter trips, but there are also lines when you can ride with other people during times such as Golden Week or Silver Week. You can see the sights of Tokyo, such as the Tokyo Sky Tree and Odaiba, while enjoying food such as sashimi and Tempura. In the case of charter, you can enjoy plans such as shell gathering between April and August, and net throwing and Goby fishing between September and December.

Boarding location: Etchujima
Silver week boarding plan: From 10,800 yen
*Bookings and inquiries by telephone are only available in Japanese.

Shin-kiba “Edomaekisen”

This is a Yakatabune on which you can enjoy a “Monjayaki” all-you-can-eat plan, which is the famous dish of the Tsukishima area. You can choose from two types of unlimited food or unlimited drink menus. There is an “Odaiba course” where you can see the Rainbow Bridge and Odaiba, and a “Sumida-gawa course” where you can enjoy the Tokyo Sky Tree, and the downtown areas of Asakusa.

There is a large amount of departures where you can ride with other people, enabling casual enjoyment of the Yakatabune.

Boarding location
Odaiba course: Shin-Kiba, Sumidagawa course: Kachidokibashi Bridge
Day trips: From 5,000 yen, Night trips: from 6,000 yen


This is a Yakatabune run by a sushi shop. You can enjoy authentic sushi prepared by a sushi chef.

Departures where you can ride with other people are available on weekends and national/public holidays. After starting from Asakusa and viewing the Tokyo Sky Tree, you can travel around the Rainbow Bridge towards Odaiba Kaihin Park. There are “Adult-only Yakatabune” courses as well, limited to adult passengers.

Boarding location: Asakusa
Charge: From 9,180yen


Yakatabune, where you can ride with other people, are available regardless of the day of the week. In addition to the “Odaiba Sky Tree Course”, in which you can go from Harumi, to Rainbow Bridge, and Odaiba, and in spring, there is a “Cherry blossom viewing” course. This is a Yakatabune in which you can enjoy the sights of Tokyo while eating Japanese food such as “skewered yellowtail” and “deep-fried tempura.”

Boarding location: Harumi
Charge: From 10,800 yen
* Bookings and inquiries by telephone are only available in Japanese.