Must Visit Spots during the Golden Week 2019!

2019-04-23 PLEASURE

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The Golden Week is just around the corner! This time of the year is the best season to go out and see fresh green and colorful flowers. Here are spots where you can enjoy what the Japanese nature offers. If you haven’t decided where to go, take these recommendations for your consideration.

Hirosaki Castle (Aomori)

Known as one of the three best places for sakura viewing, this castle has approximately 2,600 sakura trees onsite. The view of the moat covered in sakura petals is chosen as one of “the beautiful places you must visit in your lifetime around the world!”. There will be various stalls onsite – you get to devour Aomori’s traditional dishes too. From sunset to 11 P.M. (TBD) the castle will be illuminated, allowing you to fully immerse in sakura all day long.

Hirosaki Sakura Festival 2019

From April 20th to May 6th
Hirosaki Castle Honmaru /Kita no Kuruwa Admission Fee : Adult (High School student and Above) 310yen /Child (Primary and junior high school students) 100yen (Only in Japanese)

Koiwai Farm (Iwate)

There is this extraordinary sakura tree which is said to be 100 years old. The view of Mt. Iwate still covered with snow and fresh green in background is breathtaking. The entrance of the barns is ornamented with countless of cherry blossoms. From factory visit to relaxing in the nature, you can also enjoy lunch made of fresh ingredients from the farm and soft served ice cream.

Let’s Go Visit Koiwai Farm during the 10 Day Holiday!

From April 27th to May 6th
Admission Fee : Adult (Junior school students and above) 800yen /Child (5 years old – Elementary school student) 300yen

Fuji Shibazakura Festival (Shizuoka)

Very popular festival which incorporates Mt. Fuji and 800,000 trees of shibazakura, also known as moss phlox. The sky, snow-covered Mt. Fuji and pink and white colored shibazakura complement each other beautifully. You may enjoy the wonderful view from up in air balloon until May 19th.

Fuji Shibazakura Festival

From April 13th to May 26th
Admission Fee : Adult (Junior high school students and above) 600yen /Child (More than 3 years) 250yen

Tsukikawa Hot Spring Village Hanamomo no Sato (Nagano)

There will be 5000 trees of hanamomo, for 4 km. Hanamomo is a beautiful flower that bloom in three colors – red, white and pink – from a single branch. During the festival, you may enjoy the illuminated areas of the avenue to its afternoon look.

Hanamomo Festival

April 22nd to May 9th
Admission Fee : Free (Only in Japanese)

Ashikaga Flower Park (Tochigi)

Selected as one of “the 10 dream destinations in the world” by CNN, the only winning destination from Japan. No other place offers the beauty of the 150-year-old wisteria garden which spreads 1,000m2 . There will also be “flower ice cream” only available at the park. (The entrance fee will be announced at around 7A.M. every morning)

Fuji no Hana Story Wisteria Festival 2019

From April 13th to May 19th
Admission fee : Adult (Junior high school students and above) 900 – 1,800yen /Child (4 years – Junior high school students) 500 – 900yen

The Period of Illumination

From April 18th to May 12th
The nighttime entrance fee : Adult (above grade 9) 600 – 1,500yen, child (from 4 years old to grade 9) 300 – 800yen

Hitsujiyama Park (Saitama)

The hill of shibazakura, moss phlox inside Hitsujiyama Park of 17,600m2 spreads more than 400,000 shibazakura during the season. As if the rag of flowers! You may also enjoy horse riding experience and traditional dishes of Chichibu.

Shibazakura Festival

From April 12th to May 6th
Admission Fee : General 300yen/ Free of charge for children under junior high school (Only in Japanese)

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route (Toyama)

Tateyama Mudodaira, with altitude of 2,450m, is known as one of the heaviest snow areas in the world – the enormous snow wall is called “the big valley of snow” and the highest part goes up to 20m. You can walk alongside the snow wall during April to June.

Tateyama Kurobe, The Snowy Big Valley Festival

From April 15th to June 22nd
Admission Fee : Free

Goshiki-Numa (Fukushima)

Certified as the 1-star of the Michelin Green Guide of 2016. The name is for different lakes and marshes, and each changes its color depending on the weather, season, angle and contents of volcanic material in the water. The marsh with variants of blue is called “mysterious marsh”.

Kawachi Wisteria Garden (Fukuoka)

Selected as one of “the 31 most beautiful sites in Japan” by CNN in 2015. 22 different kinds of flower of Fuji blooming, it will offer very romantic scenery. In an effort to alleviate traffic jam, you may purchase the ticket at convenience stores for 500yen / adult. The entrance fee will fluctuate depending on the status of blooming of flowers; you may be asked to pay some additional fee if necessary at the reception of the garden.

From April 20th to May 6th
Admission Fee : Variable system Adult (Above 18 years) 500yen-1,500yen
※Two free tickets for high school students or less on each one of an adult ticket. (Only in Japanese)

※Two free tickets for high school students or less on each one of an adult ticket. (Only in Japanese)

Takachiho Gorge (Miyazaki)

The gorge, created by pyroclastic flows of Mt. Aso, of the average height 80m runs for approximately 7km. This is certified as one of the best views as well as natural monuments in Japan. “Manai Falls”, one of the 100 best falls in Japan, is extraordinary with its 17m-long fall. You can rent a boat for 2000yen /30mins.