Where to call in emergency: Fire station/Police station

2019-01-09 LIFE , OTHERS

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There are phone numbers that you should remember for emergency.

In daily life, you sometime will meet a trouble accidently. Your house is on fire, you injure, and involve an accident etc. there is possibility that you get involved to any accidents whatever and whenever you do anything. We would like you to remember emergency telephone numbers of fire service and police agencies.

Emergency telephone number is 3 digit numbers so it is easy to memorize. When firing and emergency such as a sick, you should dial “119” which is fire service. Any accidents such as car accident should be called to police agencies, whose number is “110.”

Generally, Japanese people said “if there is any troubles, call 110 (119).” But, if you call those services first time, you might not know how you tell them about what is happen. Also, you need to take courage to call.
However, if you know how to do it in advance, you could calm down and do what you have to do, so you do not have to worry about it.
We will introduce the emergency telephone numbers you should remember in order to live in Japan.

Fire and emergency such as a sick should be called “119”

The order to call “119”

The purpose of calling 119 is to call fire trucks when firing, and call an ambulance when there is someone who is an emergency case or injure. If you call 119, you will be asked if fire or emergency.
Next thing you must tell them is the address of the place where trouble causes and the name of the place. Next, you will be asked if there is something that becomes the indication to go so if you can tell them detail of the place, fire trucks and ambulance can come to the place earlier.
It is fine to tell them a signboard of shop and characteristic or name of building.

When you want to call a fire engine?

After informing above-mentioned to a fire department, you should tell them detail about a situation of fire. At first, you should tell them what on fire such as house or car.
If there is someone who could not escape from fire or injure, you should tell them about it because fire department must run an ambulance.

When you want to call an ambulance?

When you want to call an ambulance, you must inform them about the information of people who need to be sent to a hospital. At first, you should tell them about who needs an ambulance and symptom. For example, you should start telling them like “my father passed out,” “I trapped and injured.”
Next, you will be asked if he is Consciousness, breathing, and bleeding. You should tell them exactly how he is. If you know some diseases he experienced or a hospital he often goes.

Common thing of when you call both a fire department and an ambulance is that after you finish telling them all information, you will be asked your name and phone number.
Fire department and ambulance might call you back, you must tell them your phone number correctly.

When you want to call police, dial 110

The order to call 110 and what is purposes?

The number called “Hyakutouban” in Japan must be used when you have or see any accidents and want to call police. If you call 110, you will be asked what kinds of accident and when it happens. After that, same as 119, you will be asked address of a place where it happen and name of the place. Also, you should tell them any buildings and signboards near the place for an indication. You should not forget to tell them your name and phone number.

What you have to be careful when you call 110?

People who call to a police station (110) could be nervous so the important thing is to calm down and explain the situation. You might be asked detail; however, police cars would head there meanwhile. You must calm down and inform them detail information of what is going on.
Moreover, if you use a cell phone, you must park your car on safety place and call 110.
After telling them all information by a phone, sometimes, police might call you back. So if you call 110 by a cell phone, you should keep the call phone on to be able to contact with police.

There are telephones that cannot be connected to emergency call.

The condition of terminal that can be connected to emergency call is “the function that can inform the location of people who call 110.” If you have contracted date communication special plan and use IP phone, you could connect to neither 110 nor 119 because the terminal is not satisfied with the condition.
You should search for police department and fire department nearby your house and install the app named “Emergency Call Navi” and “Fire*Emergency Call Navi” and you should make sure how to use the app.
And if you use iPhone, you can call from “Emergency SOS.” How to dial is different depending on models so you should make sure how to start-up.

Even you are in trouble, as long as you know emergency call numbers, you do not worry about anything!

How is it? Even you meet emergency situation such as fire, sick, and accidents. As long as you know how to call emergency numbers, you can do what you have to do quickly.
People who call 110 or 119 have a tendency to be in a hurry to call fire tracks, an ambulance, and police cars. However, you should try to calm down to explain the situation clearly.
We will recommend you to learn how to call or take a memo about how to call emergency for just in case.