Rediscovering the Charm of the Local Region! “Prefectural Resident Discount”

2021-12-02 PLEASURE

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In Japan, last year, the “Go To Travel” campaign was carried out, in which the charges for domestic trips were discounted, and you received coupons that you could use at your destination. However, this scheme was suspended due to the spread in COVID-19 infection.

The “Prefectural Resident Discount” is a travel discount system that is being executed in place of “Go To Travel”. This is only aimed at residents of that prefecture, and nearly all prefectures are offering discounts on accommodation fees and issuing coupons that can be used during your trip.

Extended until March next year & expanding areas in which it can be used!

The prefectural resident discount is based on “Regional Tourism Business Support” by the Japan Tourism Agency. As this support lasts until December 31, 2021, nearly all prefectures have set the deadline to December 31st. Additionally, it is only prefectural residents that can use this.

However, recently it was announced that support for the Prefectural Resident Discount would be extended to March 10th. Additionally, on the assumption that the “vaccine/test package” is used, it will become available not only to the prefectural residents, but also can be used by those in neighboring prefectures.

For those of you planning trips, perhaps you should check carefully the campaigns in your prefecture or neighboring prefectures. Some new campaigns may be added.

Prefectural Resident Discount List etc.

We have summarized the list of Prefectural Resident Discount and Prefectural Resident Exclusive campaigns currently being run. The discount amount, content of the coupons, and method of application differs according to the prefecture, so please make sure to check out the details in advance.



Until 2021/12/28


Aomori Prefecture

Aomori Prefecture O-Dekake Campaign
Until 2021/12/31

Iwate Prefecture

Iwate Travel Support Project Part 2
Until 2021/12/31

Miyagi Prefecture

Miyagi Lodging Discount Campaign Stay Support! Lodging Discount & Plan With Coupon
Until 2021/12/31

Akita Prefecture

Akita Winter Discount Campaign!
Until 2022/2/28

Yamagata Prefecture

Yamagata Four Seasons Travel
Until 2021/12/31

Prefectural resident Stay Lively Campaign
Until 2021/12/31

Fukushima Prefecture

Prefectural Resident Discount Plus
Until 2021/12/31


Ibaraki Prefecture

Iba Travel Reliable Discount
Until 2021/12/31
Only for Ibaragi residents who have received a negative result in an antigen test or PCR test for COVID-19 within 7 days of the travel date(result judgment date standard) or Ibaragi residents who have had two COVID-19 vaccines

Tochigi Prefecture

Part 2 Prefectural Resident Family Trip Promotion Project
Until 2021/12/31

Gunma Prefecture

Aikyo Gunma Project Part 3 “Accommodation Campaign”
Until 2021/12/31
Residents of Gunma Prefecture who have received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine at least 15 days prior to the start of their stay, or who have tested negative by PCR (within 3 days prior to the start of their stay).

Saitama Prefecture

Tokutoku Saitama! Tourism Coupon
Until 2022/1/31

Kanagawa Prefecture

Rediscover Your Local Area of Kanagawa(Kanagawa Prefectural Resident Discount)
Until 2022/1/31


Niigata Prefecture

Great Deal! Niigata Prefectural Resident Discount Campaign
Until 2021/12/31

Toyama Prefecture

Let’s Enjoy Our Local Area More! Toyama Tourism Campaign (Part 2)

  • Lodging Trip Discount “Let’s Stay Locally! Prefectural Resident Discount Campaign”
    Until 2021/12/31
  • Let’s Have Fun in the Local Area! Prefecture Day Trip Tour Campaign
    Until 2021/12/31

Ishikawa Prefecture

Prefecture Travel Support Project Discount For Residents Part 3
Until 2021/12/31

Fukui Prefecture

Fukui de Special Campaign
Until 2021/12/31

Yamanashi Prefecture

Yamanashi Green Zone Accommodation Discount
Until 2021/12/31

Nagano Prefecture

Prefectural Resident Mutual Support Shinshu Discount SPECIAL
Until 2021/12/23

Gifu Prefecture

Travel And Support! “Take a breather! Gifu Travel” Prefectural Residents Discount Campaign Part 3
Until 2021/12/31

Shizuoka Prefecture

By Shizuoka! Now is the Time! Shizuoka!! Genki Tabi!!!
Until 2021/12/27

Aichi Prefecture

LOVE Aichi Campaign
Until 2021/12/31

Aichi Travel e-Money Campaign
Until 2021/12/31


Mie Prefecture

Mie Tabi Premium Campaign
Until 2021/12/31

Shiga Prefecture

Now is the Time to Visit Shiga! Part 4
Until 2021/12/31

Kyoto Prefecture

Rediscover the Charm of Kyoto Travel Project
Until 2021/12/31

Osaka Prefecture

Osaka Irasshai Campaign 2021
Until 2022/1/31(discount on accommodation is until 2021/12/31)
Osaka Prefecture residents for whom the vaccine history or PCR negative results can be confirmed

Hyogo Prefecture

Hometown Support! Let’s Travel Around Hyogo Campaign
Until 2021/12/31

Nara Prefecture

Ima Nara. Campaign 2021
Until 2022/2/28

Wakayama Prefecture

Wakayama Refresh Plan 3rd
Until 2021/12/31

Chugoku / Shikoku

Tottori Prefecture

#WeLove Sanin Campaign
Until 2021/12/31

Shimane Prefecture

Redisover! Your Shimane Campaign #WeLove Sanin Campaign
Until 2021/12/31

Okayama Prefecture

Okayama Travel Support Discount
Until 2021/12/31

Hiroshima Prefecture

Yappa Hiroshima Jawari Discount “Regional Tourism Support”
Until 2021/12/31

Yappa Hiroshima Jawari Discount
Until 2021/12/31

Yamaguchi Prefecture

Tabitabi Yamaguchi Prefectural Resident Discount
Until 2021/12/28

Tokushima Prefecture

Everyone! Tokushima Support Discount
Until 2021/12/31

Kagawa Prefecture

New Udon Kagawa Prefecture Stay Discount
Until 2021/12/31

Ehime Prefecture

Prefectural Resident Discount Campaign(Mikyan Discount/Komikyan Discount)
Until 2021/12/31

Kochi Prefecture

Kochi Tourism Special Discount Campaign
Until 2021/12/31


Fukuoka Prefecture

Fukuoka Secret Trip Part 3
Until 2022/2/14

Saga Prefecture

Saga Mutual Support Lodging Campaign Part 3
Until 2021/12/31

Nagasaki Prefecture

Part 2 Hometown “Shinkokyu” Travel Campaign
Until 2021/12/31

Kumamoto Prefecture

Rediscover Kumamoto Trip
Until 2021/12/31

Oita Prefecture

New Oita Travel Discount
Until 2021/12/31

Miyazaki Prefecture

Jimo Miya Tabi Campaign
Until 2021/12/30

Kagoshima Prefecture

Now is the Time! Kanagawa Trip Part 2
Until 2021/12/31

Okinawa Prefecture

Okinawa Saihakken Campaign Part 4
Until 2021/12/31