Are you cleaning your Futon properly? Introduction to recommended futon cleaning services

2020-10-15 LIFE

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Our bodies sweat while we sleep. The quantity of such sweat is said to be more than one cup full, and our futons need to absorb a large amount of sweat. In addition, the sebum discharged from our bodies becomes attached as well, so the dirt cannot be removed simply by drying the futon.

However, it is very difficult for us to clean the futon by ourselves, and it is a major task to take it to a coin-operated laundry to clean it. What is recommended in this case is futon cleaning using a home delivery kit. On this occasion, I would like to introduce you to recommended home delivery futon cleaning services.

Clean the futon as is, at a specialist store

For futons, we should use “wet cleaning” rather than “dry cleaning”. They will clean the whole futon, from the down to the cotton, as is, so they can remove the sweat, sebum, and dirt attached to the futon.

Process for cleaning the futon as is

The procedure differs depending on the service, but in general terms the flow will be as follows.

  1. Stain removal/pre-treatment
    Performs pre-treatment for washing as is, to remove stains from the futon.
  2. Washing/spin drying
    Washed using plenty of water to avoid damaging the wadding and down. There are also services where washing this individually is an option.
  3. Drying/restoration
    Dries at a temperature suitable for the each futon to restore the original fluffy of the futon.

Convenient home delivery futon cleaning

Even if you want to send your futon out to be cleaned, the futon is heavy, and is a lot of effort to carry. However, with home delivery cleaning, you can get it cleaned without having to carry the futon yourself.

There are home delivery futon cleaning services that you can apply for from the Internet. When you apply for cleaning, a kit for sending your futon will arrive at your home. Follow the instructions included in the kit, insert your futon, and send using the delivery service.

Points when choosing home delivery futon cleaning

  • Quality
    Check that they support the type of dirt that you want to remove and the materials of the futon you want to clean.
    If you have allergies, you need to check the detergent and water that they use for cleaning.
  • Charges
    Note the material you wish to clean, type of futon, size, and number of items.
    Sometimes the charges set will include a storage service.
    Check the option charges if you will need to have a futon loaned to you during the cleaning.
  • Ease of use
    Check the procedure for sending and receiving the futon.
    You also need to check how many days it will take to have it cleaned.

Five recommended home delivery futon cleaning companies

We have compared services for which you can apply via the Internet, and the service has been rated highly by users. Your comfort when sleeping will be different if you have your futon cleaned regularly. Be sure to choose services that suit your lifestyle, such as the use of individual cleaning and deodorant options if there are pet odors etc.

Zenkoku Futon Maruarai.Net

Reference priceDown, wool
1: 6,600 yen
2: 8,800 yen
3: 13,200 yen
Delivery date6-8 days after arrival of futon
Points to noteOptions: Storage/individual cleaning etc.
Includes loaned futon service
Two futons

There is commitment to quality  that you should “not use things that you cannot return to nature”. They will clean your futon as is, using pure soap and natural water from Iwate, without using synthetic detergents and chemicals, such as tick prevention/mold prevention treatments.

Sinsen Rakuten Market Store

【月間優良ショップ受賞店2020.6】布団クリーニング【丸洗い2枚パック】防ダニ抗菌加工付 ふとん丸洗い 布団クリーニング
Reference priceDown, wool, cotton, synthetic fibers
1: –
2: 8,900 yen
3: 11,300 yen
Delivery dateSummer: 3 weeks Winter: 1-2 weeks
Points to noteOption: storage/compression processing etc.
Discount for repeat customers
Two futons

This is a long-established futon cleaning store. After cleaning your whole futon, it is dried at high temperatures for a long period of time to exterminate the ticks. It comes with tick prevention and antibacterial treatment.

Futon Maruarai Fresco

Reference priceDown, wool, cotton, polyester etc.
1: 11,880 yen
2: 14,190 yen
3: 16,335 yen
Delivery date1-2 weeks
Points to noteDown cover exclusive course/ repeat customer discount available
Two futons

This is a corporate service providing a futon “maruarai” system. There is also a royal course in which dedicated technicians at specialist factory clean the futon based on its condition.

Ai-Clean Service Rakuten Market Store

Reference priceDown, wool, cotton, synthetic fibers etc.
1: 9,900 yen
2: 14,210 yen
3: –
Delivery date2-3 weeks
Points to noteOptions: Storage, urgent delivery etc.
Includes an all-you-can-stuff course
Two futons

The standard service includes individual cleaning one futon at a time. They are washed with soap without using synthetic detergents. Special care is taken, such as using oxygen-based bleaches that do not damage the cloth.

Ichikawa Cleaning

Reference priceDown, wool, cotton, polyester
1: 7,998 yen
2: 11,000 yen
3: 14,258 yen
Delivery date2-3 weeks
Points to noteOptions: Futon compression etc.
Mold removal – free of charge
First-time discount/repeat customer discount available
Two futons

This tends to be cheaper than other services. They offer a wide range of cleaning services including not only futon, but also clothes and soft toys.