Products acting as measures against hay fever

2020-03-09 LIFE

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In Japanese spring, there is great natural beauty as the cherry blossoms bloom, becoming warmer, the season is much more comfortable. However, if you have an allergy from cedar or Japanese cypress pollen, it can be a very difficult season. If you have an outbreak of hay fever, you should first go to hospital to receive treatment and then improve your lifestyle.

In order to reduce the symptoms, there are measures you can take yourself as “preventive measures” to stop getting hay fever so I will introduce these here.

Measures when leaving the house

When leaving the house, you should wear a mask, glasses, and smooth materials. On arriving home, brush the pollen off your clothes before entering the house. When you come home from walking your pets, make sure to remove pollen from your pets outside of the home as well.


When purchasing a mask, check the filter functions, and choose one which can prevent hay fever. Unless the size fits, pollen can get between your face and the mask. Find a size of mask that suits you and attach it correctly. There are a variety of masks with such features as those that do not cloud your glasses, do not hurt your ears, and do not fade your make-up, so choose the one that suits you best. Popular masks include those that are colorful and fashionable, as well as those that are individually wrapped for ease of transport. Sticks that you apply to the outside of the mask, with a scent of fir, to coat the pollen are gaining attention.
S.T. CORPORATION: MoriLabo hay fever barrier stick (


To protect the eyes from pollen, a hood is attached as in the case of goggles. Choose glasses that fit your face and that have lenses that do not cloud up easily. There are also products to which a hood can be attached.
Zoff: Hay fever measure glasses (


There are also hats and coats that are processed in a way that makes it difficult for pollen to stick to them and comes off easily if it does. Choose one that can be washed in a washing machine.
Cecile: Hay fever guard parker (

Measures on returning home

When you get home, gargle and wash your face to wash away the pollen and change into room clothes.

Nose rinsing

Wash out the pollen in your nose with salted water (0.9%) that is slightly warmer than your body temperature. The easiest way is to use a specialist equipment and liquid when rinsing your nose.
Kobayashi Pharmaceutical: Hananoa (

Eye wash

When washing away the pollen attached to your eyes, use an eyewash that has no preservatives and is close to tears instead of tap water.
Kobayashi Pharmaceutical: Eyebon (

Measures indoors

Pollen can infiltrate the house, so clean frequently. You should avoid hanging your washing outside, and dry it in the house.

Air purifiers

There is a pollen mode, so choose something that is suited to the size of the room you are using. Recently, these can also be used in companies and within cars, and ultra-compact lightweight air purifiers the size of your palm or those that you can hang around your neck has been emerging.
Daisaku Shoji: Pure Supply (


Curtains largely cover windows, which are one infiltration route for pollen. If it is material that can be washed, you should do so. There are also curtains that inactivate the allergens attached to the lace, and these can be washed off in the laundry.
Cecile: pollen catch G+ lace curtains (


During the hay fever season, it is best to use a futon dryer and futon cleaner. If you really need to hang it outside, use futon drying gloves with a pollen guard function. I recommend using a futon laundry service, or changing to a futon that can be used in the laundry. There are futon covers that it is difficult for pollen to attach to.

TOWA INDUSTRY: Pollen guard futon drying bag (

Pollen changes to water?

Products using Hydroxyapatite-binding silver/titanium (Hyd [AgTiO2]), such as masks and tissues, towels and pillow covers, spectacles and clothes, hats, and arm covers etc. are becoming popular. Hydroxyapatite-binding silver/titanium technology absorbs the proteins included in the cedar pollen, and gradually breaks these down. However, you should refrain from using these products if you have a metal allergy (silver/titanium).