Comparison of 100-yen “Kaitenzushi“ (conveyor belt sushi) [Kurazushi, Sushiro, Kappazushi]

2019-08-27 PLEASURE

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There are many chain stores in Japan where you can buy “Kaitenzushi“ for 100 yen a plate. Famous examples of these 100-yen “Kaitenzushi“ chains are Kurazushi, Sushiro, and Kappazushi. On this occasion, we will provide a comparison of these three chains.

Comparison of menu items that can be eaten for 100 yen

Even though a chain may boast “100-yen Kaitenzushi“, this does not mean that all menu items can be eaten for 100 yen. Although there is a wide range of items that can be eaten for 100 yen, items such as “Otoro“ and crab often tend to be provided for more than 100 yen. Let us compare the number of menu items that can be eaten for 100 yen.

  • Kurazushi: 111 items
  • Sushiro: 78 items
  • Kappazushi: 91 items

Kurazushi had the most items. This should be taken into account by people who want to enjoy a wide range of types of sushi at low price.
*As of end of June 2019. This includes dessert and drink menu items. This excludes limited seasonal menu items.

Comparison of number of domestic branches

The number of 100-yen “Kaitenzushi“ branches are increasing year by year. Next, we shall compare the number of domestic branches.

  • Kurazushi: 434 branches
  • Sushiro: 521 branches
  • Kappazushi: 327 branches

It is Sushiro that is largest in number of branches in Japan. The number of branches rolled out for each region also differ for each chain. Check what branches are available in the region in which you are living.
*As of end of June 2019

Characteristics of the three chains


Kurazushi are a chain store continuing to challenge the aims of achieving food reliability, safety, and enjoyment. The revolving sushi are covered with an original cover called a “Sendo-kun“., protecting the sushi from viruses and dust. This cover also protects the freshness of the fish. Another feature is that it has a wide range of side menu items. Various side items, such as Tendon , Una-don andhamburger etc. are provided. As there are many items that you can eat for 100 yen, this is recommended for people who want to “enjoy a wide range of menu items“. You can book tables using the WEB or dedicated app in advance.


Sushiro is a chain store started from a single sushi shop. Sushi chefs strictly select the fish, and only buy fish of the highest freshness. They also value the basics of a sushi restaurant and are very selective about their rice, wasabi, tea, and soy sauce. Additionally, to provide fresh sushi, an IC chip is attached to the sushi plate, and each individual plate is managed as a product. Sushi plates that has gone around more than 350m or more on the conveyor belt is judged to be “not fresh“ and is discarded. We would recommend this for those who “want to eat fresh and delicious sushi“. You can book tables and order take-out using a dedicated app.


When Kappazushi was just founded, rather than using a conveyor belt, has sent sushi plates by a waterway with flowing water. The name of the store is derived from that the plate  looked like the head of the Kappa. Kappazushi was the first “Kaitenzushi” to introduce the system that the sushi plate arrive on a ride type model imitating an express train, they have gained a lot of popularity with children.  You can also enjoy “Tabeho” (all-you-can-eat sushi) limited to WEB reservations. There are three courses available depending on the number of menu items you can choose from. Please note that the courses you can choose and the reservation cut-off time differ by the store. You can book tables and order take-out using the WEB or a dedicated app. (You cannot enjoy “Tabeho” unless you order in advance.)