Foreigners living in Japan #0007

Patricia Manozca

Country of origin

Why did you choose Japan?

There could be hundreds of reasons why I chose Japan. Studying in Japan was the best thing I have done. From learning the language and exploring regions of Japan, I did not regret one thing I did because every experienced I had was extremely worthwhile. Experiencing the way of living in Japan for their unique culture, going to school, working with professionals and so much more. To sum it up, I chose Japan for its people, society, healthy and delicious food, security and safety and most of all for its language. The way it sounds, the way it is written and its different meanings. Well, there may be some exceptions but, the people in this country is honestly one of the politest, well-mannered and kindest people I have ever met.

What good things did you experience after arriving in Japan?

Honestly, I have a lots of good experience here in Japan. But to name some, of course the over-all cleanliness, politeness and well-mannered of the people in this country is amazing! Other than that is the healthy and delicious food and also the beautiful scenery and its nature!

What bad experiences did you face in Japan?

Honestly, my life here is awesome and I only had some bad experiences living here in Japan. And the worst part is that it’s ‘Chikan’ or (痴漢) in Japanese. It happened months ago on my daily commute. I was getting the same morning train every day and I felt something different that touches the back of my thigh. At first it assumed I was someone’s bag or accidental moment since it was morning rush hour. The thing touching me moved slightly up in my inner thigh… then higher up my inner thigh! I was completely frozen and I felt disgusted, angry confused but mostly scared.

What is your future dream?

After I moved to Japan for good, my first dream/goal is of course to pass the: JLPT N1.
Because I know it will open more opportunities for my career, life, etc. And after all the pain and tears, sleepless nights of studying, I am very happy to say, I’ve met that goal already.
Next is to get my permanent residency or naturalization in the country that stole my heart, JAPAN.
Also, I dream of becoming successful in the field I choose, though I am still indecisive about the career path I will choose. But one thing is for sure, I will work hard, stay focused and will make it big! I believe that in order to attain your dreams, you must believe in them and to the power of prayer and have a complete faith in yourself. Don’t stop to dream big and overcome every obstacle to achieve it. Because one day I want to tell and share my stories on how I’ve overcome what I had to go through and it will become part of someone else’s survival guide to achieve their dreams!

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Living in JAPAN Interview wanted
Living in JAPAN Interview wanted