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What is Living in JAPAN JOBS?

Any trouble in finding or changing jobs in Japan?
Living in JAPAN JOBS support for foreigners living in Japan to find or change jobs.
In cooperation with experts in resident status and in residentials, we help you to find a comfortable job.


Specifically for foreigners living in Japan

This is an employment support office specialized in foreigners in Japan. Talk to our English-speaking staff.


Employment agreement in writing

Our service doesn’t stop when you find a job! But we continue to support until securing a written employment contract.


All free of charge

We offer all phases of job search to employment with no fee.

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Merits of Living in JAPAN JOBS

Search by yourselfLiving in JAPANJOBS
Look for openingsTroublesome Easy
LanguageJapanese onlyEnglish accepted
Staying permitNo knowledgeCo-op with experts
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Available jobs

Living in JAPAN JOBS offers many position openings for foreigners in Japan.

Food Service
Language Teacher
IT Engineer
Industrial Engineer
Over-seas Business Support
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Flow to employment

  1. Entry
  2. Interview and Introduction
  3. Recommendation to the company
  4. Interview with the company
  5. Tentative Offer and Contract


Please search for the job by the JOB LIST and register using the entry form.
Absolutely no charge for entry.
We’ll perform a document screening based upon your in-put. Therefore, you need to describe details of not only your job history and skill, but which area you want to work with your desirable conditions and your eagerness towards the work.
We’ll contact who passed the document screening.

STEP2Interview and Introduction

When you pass our document screening, you have an one-on-one interview online with us.
We’ll ask you about your living environment including your family structure on top of what you have already told us. We may examine your language skills of Japanese and English.

STEP3Recommendation to the company

If the interview with us shows that your experience, talent and language skill match up with the open position, we’ll recommend you and take necessary steps for an application and an interview.

STEP4Interview with the company

We’ll contact you when the date and the venue of the interview have been set. Please present yourself at the interview venue on the designated day.
*Our staff may accompany you.

STEP5Tentative Offer and Contract

Our support continues even after the tentative offer is made! We’ll help you until the employment contract is made in writing.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us when you have any anxiety about a change in your resident status or about your work. We’ll help you.